We made T-shirts! Tシャツ出来ました!

[ANNOTATION: That part was originally a joke, but we laugh so much each time we see it that we decided to keep it in.

] [ANNOTATION: Cat Person] R: Aaaaand this is Leo after making a mess.

Both: Hey guys! J: So people have been asking us for a while if we make any shirts… R: And now we do! Yay! R: Pretty much like every YouTube sells shirts and stuff, and we waited a really long time to even think about it, because it just seemed kind of weird.

And like really, really narcissistic.

What kind of people would we have to be to put our faces on shirts and be like, “We're SO awesome! Buy our faces and wear them on your body!” It was kind of weird for us to think about it.

J: Yeah, and we don't even want to sell our logo or something like, that, so.



it's just weird.

R: BUT we could make designs that people would be interested in, like people who are interested in Japan, that have nothing to do with our faces or logo.

Soooo that's what we're doing now! So, Jun actually used to take calligraphy classes, and if you don't know, calligraphy actually has a ranking system.

It's called the “dan” system.

Like within karate, you have 10 levels of black belts.

J: I was at 6 dan (rokudan).

I'm not really good anymore, but I'll still do my best! R: I think you're really good! So Jun calligraphied up some designs! And obviously the most awesome design that anyone anywhere would ever want to wear.



J: It's “Neko ha.

” It means “cat person” and it has Leo's paw print on it.

R: That's great.

That's my favorite thing in the world.

There's also dog person, too! So if you're a dog person, you don't have to be left out! We have a bunch of other designs, too! Like Japanese phrases that you might be interested in.

I asked you guys what you wanted the most, and the CLEAR winner was “Shouganai.

” If you don't remember, we made a video about shouganai before.

It means like, “It can't be helped” or “Deal with it and move on.

” I <3 Nihon We also came up with something else we thought might be a little bit helpful, which is "日本語勉強中" which means "I'm studying Japanese.

” And then we have two versions.

They both say “Please speak to me in Japanese.

” J: If I saw a person wearing this shirt I would definitely talk to them.

R: Yeah, he would for sure talk to people.

But he likes talking to foreigners.

J: The website we’re using is called Spreadshirt and they print and ship everything for us, so if you ever have any problems with something you order, you should talk to them and they can give you a refund or replace your shirt.

R: We can't really do anything if there's a problem with it, so you should definitely email them and not us.

And also, you can change the base color of all the shirts, so you don't have to get this in blue, and you don't have to get this in black.

J: Oh yeah, and some of them glow in the dark.

R: There are two different types of prints for the shirts.

There are specialty prints like what Jun is wearing, which are fancier and look nicer, but they're a lot harder for us to make.

These can be glow in the dark, or glittery, or like furry.

When we have them like this, we mark what it is in the description so you know.

For the ones that are glittery, we link to a picture of what the glitter looks like, because it doesn't show up in the thumbnail of the picture.

And then the other type is just a basic graphic design like this, which we can have more colors for, and it looks faded and vintage.

It's not as smooth a color as the specialty prints.

J: There are two different qualities for the shirts.

The ones we're wearing are basic.

They cost less, but they're thinner and not very soft or stretchy.

And there's also another type made with American Apparel tshirts, which are softer and nicer.

But they cost $8 more for us to make, so they're $8 more expensive.

R: There are a lot of different shirts and articles of clothing that we can put designs on and stuff.

Like sweatshirts and V-necks, all kinds of stuff.

Even some pants and tights.

They just start to get like really expensive.

I think some of the sweatshirts we looked at had a base price of like $40, which is kind of ridiculous.

But if you guys want something like that, then just let us know and we're more than happy to put designs on things like that, too.

J: We'd be happy to hear your comments and suggestions, and if there's anything you want us to try to make or change.

For example, we can change the font colors for things.

R: Also, there's a special shop if you live in Europe.

You should go to that link instead because they let you pay in Euro and.



I don't know what other fancy stuff they have set up just for Europeans.

But you can use that link instead.

J: If you're interested, we have the links below.

And since this isn't a regular video, we'll upload a normal video on Saturday so please look forward to that.

R: Thanks for watching! Both: Bye!.