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COM Today we're going to talk about How To FillUp Those Shirtsleeves and before you think we're talking all Biceps here, especially me because I tend to get all theattention on the front of the arms.

Guys you have to realize there's somethingon the underside of the arm too, that's just as important or more important because a lot of times it goes underdevelopedor at least under targeted in the right way.

Guys if you want to fill those shirtsleeves, we're talking about this hanging part of the Tricep here.

The part that really fills the sleeves up.

That hanging part we're talking about is actually one of the heads of the Tricep.

And we can somewhat preferentially hit it, yes when you extend your elbow, all your Triceps are going to fire.

But there's a couple things that we can doto preferentially hit the long head of the Tricep.

The meaty part of the inside hereof the elbow that you see in through here.

In order to get that area guys, you have onedistinct advantage based on our own physiology.

And that is, that is the only one of the headsof the Tricep that crossed the shoulder joint.

So we can sort of manipulation and favorablyhit that area of the Triceps by what we do in our exercises.

A lot of guys will tell you, you want to makesure that in order to hit the long head of your Tricep, that you put the muscle in astretch position when you train it.

So we know that one of the best ways to dothis, is the first exercise that I'm showing you here.

This is the Overhead Dumbbell TricepExtension.

And you can see that by placing my arms upand over my head, elbow pointed up towards the sky as much as I can.

Yes if you have shoulder issues, label issuesyou could have some issues doing this.

But if you have healthy shoulders and your armscan get up as high as you can, you can start to target the Triceps, veryeffectively here.

Notably that long head of the Tricep because we're putting that on stretchfrom the get go.

Now, I like to take that a step further andI've showed you guys before, one of my favorite ways that we can target that and this is theexercise number 2 for you, that's the Lying Tricep Stretch Extension.

So when I get down here it looks like a typical nose breaker but I can get a little bit morestretch in my Tricep by allowing the dumbbells, preferably for me, I like the dumbbells becausethey don't get in the way of the bench.

To allow those dumbbells to go back as far asthey can to get that extra stretch.

Again if you flex your shoulder, we know thatthe long head of the Tricep will tend to want to adduct and extend the arm.

So if that's the job, you want to go the oppositeway.

You want to get that thing flexed, away from you and we can do that here effectivelywith the Dumbbell Tricep Extension on stretch.

So that's where most people end their Triceplong head attack.

And I can tell you right now, Why? I'm asking you Why? Why? Because if you reallywant to target that guys, what happened to train the muscle into it's contraction aswell.

You don't just work muscles on a stretch, that's one effective way to do it.

But you also have to make sure that you train a muscleinto contraction.

And as I just told you, the job of the longhead of the Tricep is, yes to straighten the elbow.

But when it straightens the elbow it alsoadducts the arm.

It brings the arm in tight to the side and it also will extend the armbehind the body.

That's why when you train your back, you mighthave often asked yourself sometimes, why after doing a lot of rows, right, high rows or whatevertype of row that you're doing do you start to get soreness in your Tricepshere because it is a weak extender of the upper arm.

So in order to fully attack that guys, we'vegot two other options to complete our shirtsleeve stretching workout here.

And that is the first one I'm going to showyou here.

This guys is what I call the Triceps Express, ok.

So we're extending the elbow as you see.

Butwe're also getting our elbows down and back, ok.

Trying to keep them as tight as we can toour sides.

You can see right off the bat, that inner portion of the Tricep, that thicker, meatier area.

The area responsible for most of the size, especially as I said, the hang underneath the arm here.

That's getting worked very wellon this exercise.

But then we want to take it up even anothernotch.

As we do here guys with ATHLEANX, we want to try to combine movements and makethe ultimate movement.

And I think we've got one of those optionsright here.

This is our OBB Rolling Extension.

Olympic Barbell is what that's short for.

And as you can see as I set up the barbellhere, you know I'm a big fan of the Bodyweight versions of our Tricep work.

And we're getting a great version here.

Yeahwe're using an Olympic Barbell but it's a Bodyweight Exercise, that's the resistance.

And as we roll out, we're able to get thatextension onto the Triceps.

We're able to get those arms up overhead as much as we can.

And then as we pull back and in, now we canget that adduction of the arm, as we roll over the top and complete the movement.

So you get that finishing contraction thatwe're missing on the strictly overhead movements.

So watch again one more time, I'll roll allthe way out, again get the stretch and as I come back in, I'm really getting that contractionagain and the work, the full work of that long head of the Tricepsas I adduct and pull down.

So there you have it guys, putting the scienceback in strength, yet again to show you four exercises that you can do to start tearingthrough those T-shirts from the bottom up, right.

We've got to start working on those Tricepsif you want to start filling up those shirtsleeves.

And guys as I said, we've got to put the scienceback in strength if we're going to do it.

We've got to do that all the time as a matterof fact, every time we hit the gym.

And that's what we bring you here at ATHLEANX.

As a matter of fact, if you want to start putting the science back in strength for allof your workouts, so that you can see faster results becauseyou're training your muscles the way they're meant to be trained, then I say guys, be sure to head over to ATHLEANX.

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