How to fold a T-shirt for display – 3 ways

hi guys today's video is about how to fold a t-shirt in order to put on this play I'm going to show you three different but easy really easy way to fold it and have a perfect result to put in this play so let's go through the tutorial I'm

going to show you three different ways to achieve this beautifully folded pile of t-shirt as you can see is a pile made out of four different size t-shirt from small which is the first two extra-large which is the last and I folded this and I'm going to show

you how to obtain this with three different ways the first method is the most common the one we usually have used in our home to fold things and it's going to be really easy but you must be really precise so I'm going to show you how to start

with the biggest t-shirt this one is then extra large and you put it down face down like this so this is the back this is the front as you can see you put the ticket inside so once you have it like this you just imagine to trace two

lines two parallel lines going down till the M and fold according to that so you fold one side then you fold the other side like this and you be sure you make sure that everything is nice and flat so you can see you fold the sleeves nicely so

once you have this rectangle you just fold by about eight or ten centimeter you make sure this side is inside the rectangle so if you do like this when you fold everything will overlap them fall over but if you make sure everything stay inside you're going to have

a nice result so once you have done this and everything is flat you bend it enough and you turn it you fix the ticket price tag and everything and you have yours but when you when you come to create a pile of different size the size of the

t-shirt is going to be different so do you need to follow the same measurement in order to create the same kind of pile so what I usually do my trick is this I put the t-shirt in this way the folder one the first once or the extra-large I

put it this way and then according to this I follow the same why'd I put the ticket inside and you see I just put neck-to-neck and fold it one way here inside I said flat and the other side as well is in flat here to be really careful

because it can be different so you have to try millimeter by millimeter to replicate the same I mean if you are new to this kind of folding it might take longer but when you aren't used to do it you're going to be faster so then you fold again

the an Ebola you fix it everything nice and you have to on the fire large and extra large so you do the same with the others you so the second method involves a tool let's say a tool which is my case is a piece of paper an a4

size paper in your case can be a magazine catalog or cardboard or whatever it is be sure it is clear and is complete you know edgy in so it's not gonna ruin your item and what you have to do is face down once again is you should be

sure everything is flat a nice we take it inside the price tight inside front and then you put the paper just in between the back try to be centroid – it is your first time you might be one to fold the paper in alpha so you're going to

have the off line it and yeah to trace the line just in the off like this so all you have to do is to put it between the neck between the shoulder and be sure is a bit higher like this one just going out of the t-shirt hand

and then you fold just using the edge of the paper as a guide this way you're gonna have the same size of folded t-shirt despite the size of the t-shirt itself you know this is really good consider especially considering the female a t-shirt that are you know shaded

so in this way you're going to obtain the same so you fold the two sides you make sure the sleeves and everything is nice and flat and then you fold the hand same way and then you Folie until the micro shoulder or whatever you have here and then

you turn it and remove gently to paper in this way you're going to have perfect shape like this then you have to repeat this for the other sizes and you can just put aside this and go through your t-shirts so in the same way put your paper in

the center be sure everything is flat and nice and go ahead okay the third method is the easiest and the fastest perfect for both display and stockroom I will do it with a tool which is this one I discovered this tool around a year ago when I US

customer of mine show me how he was using this with these employees for folding things for this place and also for the stockroom what do you have to do is just to lay these down open it's quite easy to this is just a rectangular and you have these

two let's say wing and another one here so what do you have to do is to put your t-shirt always the biggest size down face down and make sure that everything is flat and nice as usual and then you have these two also you have to consider this

as a reference so you make sure everything is flat like this and make sure everything is inside tool like this so what do you have to do I'm going to show you slow but then you have to do it fast because becomes more paper so you do this

and this and fold it in off and less than a second you have your beautiful folded t-shirt let's say this way you can go on on the four sizes you have and build your pile this makes you fold the second one another matter the size because you can

always state your reference from the neck as usual and then you fold the hand like this and once you have everything flat you just go like you and so this is the result you have the forehead like this and then once you have your pile even if you

are folded by hand or with a tool or need the heavy bag all you have to do is do accessorize and put on display like I will say you can put a scribe like this silk of mine and just nicely put on the display and create your look

for the customer so this where the three way the easy way to fold t-shirts to be display in your shop subscribe to my channel to keep updated and see more video tips bye