DIY | 3 t-shirts à faire soi-même !

Hi everyone ! I am here today to show you 3 DIY to customized old t-shirts you don't wear anymore To do that video, I bought 3 t-shirts : one cost me 3€ on sale at H&M and the others at Decathlon which cost usually 3€ It's very cheap to do a cool t-shirt you customized yourself In addition, we are in the festival season I know it's the perfect moment to wear fancy clothes and it's very satisfying when you've done it yourself Obviously, if you do that tutorials I'll be happy to see it in the social media don't forget to tag me (link in bio) 😉 Enough talking, let's customize ! We gonna begin with the easier and faster DIY and for that, you need a t-shirt of course and scissors We begin to cut just at the edge of the collar, where there is the shoulder seam, and we cut along the collar on third of the back Of course we do the same thing on the other side and we do it again on the front of the t-shirt but this time, we gonna cut a few more than the back and we do it again on the other side The gap between the collar and sleeves was too small for me so I've done a correction, recutting a little more along the aperture we did before (we don't see well, subtitles are on it, sorry) I did that correction on the front, on the back and on the two sides I was not going to let you only with that so I decided to do a knot at the bottom It will be very easy We just cut along the seam on the side you prefer You can choose the length you cut, it will affect how it fits on your hips and the knot size, try the t-shirt if you're in doubt You can see mine is smaller here than the insights you've seen before After trying it, I found that I prefer a bigger knot so I recut a little longer For that 2nd t-shirt, you need scissors (again), sewing thread & needle or some fabric glue or something else to fix clothes I'll begin by removing the collar and doing a kind of slash neck because I don't really like this one At the middle, I bend my t-shirt in half to follow the line and have two symmetrical sides As I will do things on the back, I bend my t-shirt but this time, the two side seams must overlap and we have them on the middle I don't really know if it's clear but you can watch it in the video I forgot to tell you that you need a 30cm rule too I do a triangle with it and the edges of the t-shirt three sides : the rule, the new collar and the fold Then I can cut small strips in both layers As you can see, following the rule allow us to cut smaller and smaller strips gradually as we go down on the back of the t-shirt When we've finished to cut, here we are You can stop there but I've decided to continue and do a little more complicated I take the top strip and I twist it to create a little circle trough which I will catch the second strip and I do it again, I twist and I catch the third strip through the circle We do the same thing again until the last strip When we're done, we take the thread or a fabric glue to fix the last strip at the t-shirt I personally chose to sew directly but you can put some glue or sew a button Do whatever you prefer or find the prettiest If you choose to sew like me, be sure to do the stop node inside the t-shirt Final step, cut the thread and it's done ! For the last one which is the longest but also my favorite, you need a t-shirt and scissors We begin by cutting the hem at the bottom because it will bother us after if we keep it (I switch the side on camera because it was easier for me, right-handed) 😉 Then, we put the t-shirt flat and we begin to cut fringes Feel free to choose the length of the fringes I made them pretty large but not too much because I didn't want them to be above my belly button To cut on the back, you should put a magazine between the two layers to avoid cutting the fringes you did on the front while you cut on the back Of course we try to cut the same length on both sides Boring part, a few moment before ending, you have to count the fringes to have an even number at the end It's important to avoid letting an alone fringe after Then, we take the strands two by two and we do a knot As you can see, I do a simple knot with both strands We gonna do a different method on the second row and we do that for all the fringes I was not lying when I told you it's the longest one So we do a second row after, we take one strand on two different knots that are next I don't know if it's clear, just look at the video haha As I told you before, we do a different knot that time which is a double knot with two strands Each strand will fall on a different side and you'll have prettier diamond between rows You can do as many rows as you want with that method It depends on the length of fringes or of the t-shirt you want or simply the effect you want I've decided to do only three rows and on the last one, be sure to do the knot of the first row to have a pretty finishing It will avoid the strands to fall randomly at the bottom At that point, here we are and I don't know what you think about it but I didn't like the sleeves on that design so I decided to put them off I began by cutting on the shoulder seam and I followed the sleeves seam almost until the end of the step Of course, I've done it on the two sides Aaaaand that's it ! We have a cute t-shirt, soooo pretty with a long and bohem skirt.

Which one do you prefer ? Tell me in the comments below ! I hope you enjoyed the video, like it if you have and I see you in the next one, XOXO.